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Bestech is a private corporation founded in 1979 as a manufacturer and wholesale supplier of water purification systems. The company is one of the early pioneers of silver impregnated activated carbon as a bacteriostatic purification media, having further developed a concept originally conceived by NASA for the space program.

Bestech has received Four (4) U.S. Environmental Protection Agency registrations for finished products and filtration media. This includes undersink and whole house systems and various levels of silver impregnation.

Bestech further manufactures a complete line of water vending machines. They range from a state of the art unit with a moving message display board to a simple and reliable export model.

The company has grown considerable since its conception and is a major recognized supplier in the industry. It is a member of the Water Quality Association and has been active in its growth.

Bestech’s silver impregnated activated carbon is available in various percentages of silver concentrations. This unique product combines the adsorptive qualities of activated carbon with the bacteriostatic properties of silver. All medias are fully registered with the Environmental Protection Agency. They utilize the highest grade bituminous carbon material available and have very few “fines” after processing. They are excellent for dechlorination, taste, odor and color removal.

Their pore structure makes them particularly well suited for the reduction of volatile organics and many other chemical contaminants in water. All medias have proven their high performance capabilities on a wide variety of water qualities. Our standard mesh size is a 20 X 50, but other sizes are available on a custom basis.

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